“Practical, Tactical, Educational”

Course 04, Session 01

Helping Hurting kids

Megan Hutchinson

Helping Hurting Kids is a subject and critical aspect of developing a strong foundation of effective youth ministry. Megan Hutchinson is one of the most highly regarded authors and speakers when it comes to the pandemic hurt that teens are dealing with. This six session course delves into very critical and specific areas of equipping youth leaders with effective solutions for helping hurting kids.

  • Session 1: Teens: a pandemic world of hurt
  • Session 2: The process of development
  • Session 3: Helping students reveal their hurt
  • Session 4: Creating a S.A.F.E. environment
  • Session 5: Sticking it out for the long-haul
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up

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