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What do I get with my Youthsphere registration?

You gain access to the Youthsphere website for one year. Each Course includes six unique teaching subjects that are taught online. Collectively each Course contains over one hour of teaching and a thought provoking survey, as well as a collection of related free resources and downloads for your use and further study. Upon completion of the program (all 12 Courses) you will receive a signed certificate of completion and be added to the roster of Youthsphere Alumni.

Can I experience a sample session?

Sure. Right here

Why should I choose Youthsphere?

Four reasons:

  1. Quality of instruction. You simply cannot get the breadth and quality of instruction that Youthsphere offers anywhere else.  Our collective faculty and their expertise exceeds every educational platform in todays Youth Ministry segment.
  2. Cost. To come close to the kind of teaching Youthsphere offers you would need to spend thousands of dollars traveling to a national conference. Most churches can not afford this, or they can only afford to send one or two staff. We have priced Youthsphere so that that most churches can afford to train not only their staff, but also their volunteers.
  3. Create a “Virtual Conference” in your church. Register your entire youth staff and all your volunteers and they can go through the curriculum together and benefit from the kind of interaction that happens at a national conference without the substantial costs.
  4. Career advancement. Earning a certificate from Youthsphere and Point Loma Nazarene University will enhance your ministry depth while adding an impressive accomplishment to your resume. Click here to see a sample of the certificate.

How am I graded? Will there be a test?

Every Course has a survey to be completed after you have finished the final session. The surveys will provide you with valuable insights and prompt you to really engage the material. The surveys are not graded but completion of all Course surveys is mandatory in order to receive your certificate.

How much does Youthsphere cost?

Detailed pricing information can be found on our pricing page

You can purchase single unit Courses, three-pack Courses, six-pack Courses or an incredible value for purchasing all 12 Courses. Each Youthsphere registrant will be issued their own individual login and password. Each registrant that completes all 12 Courses will receive an official certificate upon completion of the program.

We have multiple volunteers in our ministry. Do they each need their own registration?

Yes. We have kept the price down so that anyone from individual volunteers to staff of large organizations can afford to go through the program, but each person is required to have their own account. 

Can I share my account with others?

Please don't steal from us. We have worked very hard to make Youthsphere affordable for you. We will track user login very thoroughly. If you share your unique username and password your account will be permanently disabled. 

See our pricing page for multi-user pricing terms and details

What happens if I don't complete the program within 1 year?

After one year your account will be deactivated. If you wish to come back and complete the program at a term longer than one year you will need to purchase another one-year registration.

Is Youthsphere accredited?

Not at this time. Our partner Point Loma Nazarene University has endorsed and adopted Youthsphere as Part of their broader educational platform. Our joint plans are to make Youthsphere an accredited course.

Who created Youthsphere?

The development organization and intellectual property owners can be found at crosssection.com