“Practical, Tactical, Educational”

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Twelve vital courses for a foundational youth ministry education.

A Foundation of Youth Ministry

Dr. Jim Burns & Doug Fields

Dr. Jim Burns and best selling author and youth ministry expert Doug Fields walk you through six unique and diversified foundational learning sessions that are based on years of hands on experience and insight.

  • Session 1: Celebrated Chaos: overcoming the myths toward effective youth ministry
  • Session 2: Relational Youth Ministry—the power of being there
  • Session 3: What are we trying to do in youth ministry? Part 1
  • Session 4: What are we trying to do in youth ministry? Part 2
  • Session 5: The personal and spiritual life of a healthy youth worker
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up

Culture & Youth Ministry

Dr. Walt Mueller

Dr. Walt Mueller has been a leading authority and University Professor specializing in Youth Culture for more than 30 years. These six diverse sessions will introduce you to a series of subjects on Culture and Youth Ministry that are informative and practical.

  • Session 1: The rapidly changing youth culture.
  • Session 2: You are a cross-cultural missionary.
  • Session 3: Cultural influence.
  • Session 4: How to listen to youth culture.
  • Session 5: Now what? . . . Using culture in your ministry.
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up
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The Family & Youth Ministry

Dr. Mark DeVries

Youth Ministry and Family is loaded with six learning sessions that are lead by one of the most influential experts in all of Youth ministry. Dr. Mark DeVries  has dedicated his life and career to developing some of the most insightful instruction for anyone looking to further their ministry and leadership in the area of family and youth.

  • Session 1: The Crisis in Youth Ministry Today
  • Session 2: The Root of the Crisis: Isolation
  • Session 3: The Hidden Power of the Family
  • Session 4: Stacking the Stands for Our Kids
  • Session 5: Implementing a Family-Based Youth Ministry
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up
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Helping Hurting kids

Megan Hutchinson

Helping Hurting Kids is a subject and critical aspect of developing a strong foundation of effective youth ministry. Megan Hutchinson is one of the most highly regarded authors and speakers when it comes to the pandemic hurt that teens are dealing with. This six session course delves into very critical and specific areas of equipping youth leaders with effective solutions for helping hurting kids.

  • Session 1: Teens: a pandemic world of hurt
  • Session 2: The process of development
  • Session 3: Helping students reveal their hurt
  • Session 4: Creating a S.A.F.E. environment
  • Session 5: Sticking it out for the long-haul
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up


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Working With Volunteers

Jeannie Mayo

Volunteers is a subject that has been at the heart of Jeannie Mayo’s teaching platform for more than 35 years. An accomplished author and speaker, Jeannie gives strategic, practical insight and instruction into this vital course on recruiting, sustaining and mentoring a strong culture of volunteers.

  • Session 1: The challenge of recruiting volunteers
  • Session 2: The all-important “ask”
  • Session 3: Frog kissing: the most valuable principle
  • Session 4: “The big 3” essentials volunteers must know
  • Session 5: Keeping volunteers for the long haul
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up
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Discipleship & Youth Ministry

Dr. Duffy Robbins

Dr. Duffy Robbins is a master at combining important biblical truths and teaching with simplicity, humor and insight that is geared for youth leaders of all types. In these six sessions you will gain a deep knowledge along with practical insight on what it means to understand and practice authentic discipleship as a youth leader.

  • Session 1: Real Life Disciples Own Their Own Faith
  • Session 2: Real Life Disciples Have a Faith That Affects the Heart and Head
  • Session 3: Real Life Discipleship Involves Bringing Together Faith and Everyday Lifestyle
  • Session 4: Real Life Discipleship Means Beginning To Build A Durable Faith
  • Session 5: Real Life Discipleship Means Getting Opportunities to Flesh Out the Faith
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up
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Theology & Youth Ministry

Dr. Chap Clark

Theology and Youth Ministry taught by Dr. Chap Clark from Fuller Seminary is one of the most insightful and informative courses in the advanced certificate program. These six sessions will educate and inform you in the practical and biblical application of theology and its vital importance and context within youth ministry.

  • Session 1: You Are A Theologian
  • Session 2: You Are A Practical Theologian
  • Session 3: The Goal is Always “Telos”
  • Session 4: Reading the Context—Where Jesus is at Work
  • Session 5: Developing a Lightly Held Response—Aligning with God’s Work
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up
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Service, Mission, & Social Justice

Dr. Kara Powell, Dr. Jim Burns & Doug Fields

Service-Mission-Social Justice is taught by a all-star cast of youth leadership and experience. Dr. Kara Powell is joined By Doug Fields and Dr. Jim Burns in this informative six-session course dedicated to teaching proven truths and providing insightful instruction in the critical areas of mission, service and true long term impact for youth workers.

  • Session 1:  What's the Difference Between Service and Justice?
  • Session 2:  Maximizing the Long-Term Impact of Your Service
  • Session 3:  Parents: More Than Checkbooks or Chauffeurs
  • Session 4: The Basics of Mission & Service (JB)
  • Session 5: Developing leaders Mission & Service (DF)
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up


Greg Stier

Evangelism is a course that has six well thought out and diversified teaching sessions. Greg Stier is a best selling author, speaker, leader and influencer to a generation of thousands of youth leaders around the world. From practical to straight forward insight and proven methodology developed over many years, this course will educate you on the critical truths and approach to effective sustainable evangelism.

  • Session 1: Evangelism Fuel
  • Session 2: The Power of the Gospel
  • Session 3: How to Train Your Teenagers to Share Their Faith
  • Session 4: Apologetics Without Bruises
  • Session 5: Pray, Live, Inspire, Equip and Deploy
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up
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Partnering With Parents

Dr. Jim Burns & Doug Fields

Partnering with Parents is a deep and informative course designed to cover a variety of topics over six sessions on effective partnering with parents. Dr. Jim Burns and Youth Ministry expert Doug Fields co-teach this course to bring a very informed and experienced tactical teachings on how to effectively leverage partnerships between parents and youth leaders.

  • Session 1: Partnering with Parents: A Mindset Not a Program
  • Session 2: Strategies for Effective Partnering with Parents
  • Session 3: 10 Family-Friendly Ideas (Part 1)
  • Session 4: 10 Family-Friendly Ideas (Part 2)
  • Session 5: The Power of the Extended Christian Family
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up

Speaking to Teenagers

Dr. Duffy Robbins

Speaking to Teenagers. Dr. Duffy Robbins has mastered the art of educating youth leaders on the effective ways to talk and engage teenagers. From practical and proven methods of insightful and strategic approaches to this multi faceted topic, Dr. Robbins informs and educates while blending in humor that will keep you waiting for the next “one-liner”.

  • Session 1: Are We Being Heard?
  • Session 2: Three Areas of Communication
  • Session 3: Inductive Speaking Technique
  • Session 4: Four Steps to a Message that Dances
  • Session 5: Technique Makes a Telling Difference
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up

Counseling Youth

Dr. Marv Penner

To round out our leading expert faculty team Dr. Marv Penner will lead you through one of the most enriching and diverse six session courses on the critical role that effective strategic counseling plays in youth ministry.

  • Session 1: Welcome to a World of Hurt
  • Session 2: Understanding the Source of Adolescent Pain
  • Session 3: Becoming the Kind of Person Who Can Help
  • Session 4: How to L.O.V.E. Hurting Kids
  • Session 5: Some Practical Advice from a Veteran
  • Session 6: Course Conclusion and Wrap-Up
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Sticky Faith

Dr. Kara Powell

  • Session 1: A sticky faith
  • Session 2: A sticky church